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Radhika and Alfred. A Wedding Story.

I don’t photograph many weddings in a year, so when you see one that I have photographed, you gotta know they must be a pretty awesome couple.
Sweet, lovely, fun, and so in love (like really cute together) I was very privileged to be a part of Alfred and Radhika’s special day.

Radhika and Alfred were married at St Mary Magdalene’s in Rose Bay, followed by a reception at Dunbar House, on the 28th January, 2017.

I cannot praise enough my gorgeous second shooter,
Anna Hamilton ( She kept me laughing, and her talent made my job easy.






























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Tahitian Bridal Shoot

It was almost a year ago that Sonny and I were invited to French Polynesia to hang out and do some photo sessions for local designers HaniHaring. This bridal styled shoot was one of them.


Photographed on location at the Sainte Famille church on the island of Moorea. Isn’t it so beautiful!

Stunning dress designs by the talented local duo, Hani and Benji, of HaniHaring.

Models – Kim Yen, Teihotu, Giselle, Hoani, Eileen and Tumai.

Make-up – Tevei Renvoyer. Hair – G. David Coiffure.

Flowers – Hani Haring.

jac_0049runningunderthesprinkler jac_0009runningunderthesprinkler jac_0028runningunderthesprinkler jac_0040runningunderthesprinkler













jac_0135runningunderthesprinkler jac_0144runningunderthesprinkler

jac_0159runningunderthesprinkler jac_0194runningunderthesprinkler jac_0230runningunderthesprinkler

jac_0241runningunderthesprinkler jac_0245runningunderthesprinkler
jac_0274runningunderthesprinkler jac_0283runningunderthesprinkler jac_0285runningunderthesprinkler
jac_0344runningunderthesprinkler jac_0357runningunderthesprinkler jac_0361runningunderthesprinkler jac_0362runningunderthesprinkler jac_0381runningunderthesprinkler jac_0426runningunderthesprinkler jac_0454runningunderthesprinkler jac_0458runningunderthesprinkler jac_0471runningunderthesprinkler
jac_0477runningunderthesprinkler jac_0485runningunderthesprinkler jac_0558runningunderthesprinkler jac_0565runningunderthesprinkler









jac_0605runningunderthesprinkler jac_9576runningunderthesprinkler


Makes me smile.


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Jessica and Simon. A Wedding Story.

I had already photographed this beautiful couple on a balmy evening at Cremorne Point – where Simon had proposed to Jessica (see here). They were such lovely people to be with, in love and so sweet, that I just knew their wedding was going to be perfect.

It was.

A cool, sun-drenched June day, with a ceremony at Christ Church Lavender Bay and reception at Sergeants Mess in Chowder Bay. We chased a setting sun, but were rewarded with a stunning wintry dusk.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Burk, and biggest thanks to Lesley Hamlyn (Luminescent) – I couldn’t have done it without you!


JAC_5949RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7318RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_5973RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_5995RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0009RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6002RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6012RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0024RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0028RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6047RunningUnderTheSprinkler

_H5D0095RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6052RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0102RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0103RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0030RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7388RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0039RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0146RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0151RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7402RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0186RunningUnderTheSprinkler

JAC_6068RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0204RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0224RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7431RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7417RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0230RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7461RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0234RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6114RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0050RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7477RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0067RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6144RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0080RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7537RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6199RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0087RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6215RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7566RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7568RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7569RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7581RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0269RunningUnderTheSprinkler

JAC_6237RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0125RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0127RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0132RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7600RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6258RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0146RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0161RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6274RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0285RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7620RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0290RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6287RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6293RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0303RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0307RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7667RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0196RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7691RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6310RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6315RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0281RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0230RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6329RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6319RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6332RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7734RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6342RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6351RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7765RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6360RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6369RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7802RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7816RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6416RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7841RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0245RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6425RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7876RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7883RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6434RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7891RunningUnderTheSprinkler_H5D0352RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6451RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7899RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6469RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0358RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_7916RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0402RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0413RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0397RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6564RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6575RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6577RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0538RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8072RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6628RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6642RunningUnderTheSprinkler

JAC_8134RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0633RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8211RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8215RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6709RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8356RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8237RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6727RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8278RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0577RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6741RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8306RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0691RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_6749RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0703RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8365RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0751RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0753RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8413RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8425RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8461RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8475RunningUnderTheSprinkler

IMG_0611RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8510RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8489RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0615RunningUnderTheSprinkler IMG_0614RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8557RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8575RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8582RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D0915RunningUnderTheSprinkler LH5D0838RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D1013RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8721RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D1023RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8854RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8842RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8875RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8890RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8940RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_8953RunningUnderTheSprinkler _H5D1160RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_9010RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_9045RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_9059RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_9132RunningUnderTheSprinkler JAC_9118RunningUnderTheSprinkler


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366 Days. 17th March, 2016.

Banana cake after school.
















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366 Days. 16th March, 2016.


This little beastie was on India’s bedroom floor.



















Right near the cat, who was nonchalantly stretching pretending to be disinterested (at least while we were watching)













But after a quick hop around Evan’s disco keyboard we set the intruder free.




















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366 Days. 15th March, 2016.



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366 Days. 14th March, 2016.


Random filler photo.

Spanish twilight, 2010.





















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366 Days. 13th March, 2016.


Waiting for the family to arrive for an early shoot at Narrabeen.

This really made me smile through my sleepiness!





























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366 Days. 12th March, 2016.

Before and early shoot on a quiet Clontarf morning.

















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366 Days. 11th March, 2016.


Got nothing.


Italy, 2010.















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366 Days. 10th March, 2016.


Got nothing.

Flashback. Adelaide, 2012.















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366 Days. 9th March, 2016.

We used yesterday’s flower crowns in a cool shoot that I won’t have time to work on for a while.

Here’s an out-take from it, though.

















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366 Days. 8th March, 2016.

International women’s day, so I thought I’d get a shot of some very hard-working women I know. This group of girls I have at the moment are the best layers!














But then in the afternoon, I decided to finally teach my girls how to make a flower crown, and they did such a great job of it! Just beautiful.






































































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366 Days. 7th March, 2016.

Random filler photo. Too busy to pick up the camera.


Cote D’Azur, 2014.





















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366 Days. 6th March, 2016.
















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366 Days. 5th March, 2016.


Getting ready for the party.
















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366 Days. 4th March, 2016.


The girls needed some dressy clothes for a party, so of course they needed to raid my wardrobe.














Crazy that as teeny tiny as they are, both still struggled to fit my wedding dress top that I wore at age 27.





























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366 Days. 3rd March, 2016.



I have never snorkeled in Cabbage Tree Bay, but have always wanted to. I decided it was time to check out the water clarity, with another underwater maternity session coming up soon, and I just so happened to chat to a friend who swims there every day, and she offered to take the girls and I on a snorkel tour. It was so kind, and informative too!

Our mermaiden guide, Elaine…














and my water babies.














Gorgeous place to snorkel. So many fish!

But as you can see in this shot above, the clarity isn’t consistent enough for me to do a shoot there.



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366 Days. 2nd March, 2016.
















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366 Days. 1st March, 2016.


Mum’s 80th birthday.

I just love her to bits. I took some beautiful photos of her, but I think she would prefer me to keep them out of the www, so I’ll share her cake and cards instead.

































Added bonus for the day, I had company while I did the grocery shopping.
















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