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366 Days. 29th February, 2016.


The whole thing is called “366 Days” because of this extra day, so you would think I could have taken a photo on it, but nup.

Random oldie goldie pick….


Evan at the Mirazozo installation, 2011.


















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366 Days. 28th February, 2016.


So, India and I were on a shoot in the afternoon at Balmoral, and nearby in the water there was a commotion. Turned out this fish (I don’t know what it is, anyone??) was stranded, almost beaching itself.

It took my girl two attempts to rescue it (with a bag full of my lenses on her near-water back), but she set it back out into open water.




























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366 Days. 27th February, 2016.


Another random filler photo. I love a good memory.

Evan, assisting on a shoot in 2014. It was early morning, and had just rained on us, but the rain cleared and the light was really pretty.

















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366 Days. 26th February, 2016.


Evan is a talented and most reluctant artist. Here he stands, with passing interest, in front of one of his award-winning photos now on display in a local gallery.





















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366 Days. 25th February, 2016.

Another I didn’t have time to take a photo filler….

Sigatoka sand dunes, Fiji, 2013. My three. Full post is here.















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366 Days. 24th February, 2016.


Bit of a run on the random filler pics. Better than an empty entry though.

2010. Drawing architecture at the Duomo in Milan. This picture is India. See the full blog post here.




















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366 Days. 23rd February, 2016.


Random selection filler picture shot enroute from Melbourne to Sydney. Read the full blog post here.














*spot the sensor spot*



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366 Days. 22nd February, 2016.


Elsa is the antithesis of me and my Workflow cards (see previous post).

Her day is chasing the sun, asking for pats, and obtaining food. Two photos. Two rooms. One sun, one morning.





























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366 Days. 21st February, 2016.


The cards that decide whether I have time to take more photos, be with my kids, exercise, rest, eat, sleep.

The section has been pretty full lately.

















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366 Days. 20th February, 2016.


India, my ballerina.
















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366 Days. 19th February, 2016.


A tired Belle after a late shoot in the city, enjoying a very yummy meal at Fratelli Fresh.












Low light, soft focus.




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366 Days. 18th February, 2016.


Princess Siobhan and my beautiful sister, Kathy. Quick visit before Siobhan flew to Canada for her second trip.

















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366 Days. 17th February, 2016.


Chain surfing.

















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366 Days. 16th February, 2016.


Random filler photo flashback.

This from a blog post documenting our drive from Italy to Austria through the Dolomites in 2014. See the full post here.




























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366 Days. 15th February, 2016.


Went for a night swim just after dark, but they had turned the lights off early.

Best do some dancing on the roundabout instead.






























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366 Days. 14th February, 2016.






















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366 Days. 13th February, 2016.


Belle reads.

Late afternoon,














then late at night, to her twin, who felt sick and wanted to be distracted from it.
















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366 Days. 12th February, 2016.


BBQ at the house of Carlos, with bonus edition extra photos.





































































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366 Days. 11th February, 2016


Forever ago I renovated my bathroom. I love my design, it really made me proud, and I had promised the tile girl that I would photograph it for her, but it took me forever to do it.

My bathroom design makes me smile.
















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366 Days. 10th February, 2016


India has a way with the younger folk. Mostly, they adore her and would like her to play with them, instead of assisting me. They smile for her, and want to show her their toys, and on this day, she even got hugs.

Makes me smile.
















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