Tahitian Bridal Shoot

It was almost a year ago that Sonny and I were invited to French Polynesia to hang out and do some photo sessions for local designers HaniHaring. This bridal styled shoot was one of them.


Photographed on location at the Sainte Famille church on the island of Moorea. Isn’t it so beautiful!

Stunning dress designs by the talented local duo, Hani and Benji, of HaniHaring.

Models – Kim Yen, Teihotu, Giselle, Hoani, Eileen and Tumai.

Make-up – Tevei Renvoyer. Hair – G. David Coiffure.

Flowers – Hani Haring.

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jac_0135runningunderthesprinkler jac_0144runningunderthesprinkler

jac_0159runningunderthesprinkler jac_0194runningunderthesprinkler jac_0230runningunderthesprinkler

jac_0241runningunderthesprinkler jac_0245runningunderthesprinkler
jac_0274runningunderthesprinkler jac_0283runningunderthesprinkler jac_0285runningunderthesprinkler
jac_0344runningunderthesprinkler jac_0357runningunderthesprinkler jac_0361runningunderthesprinkler jac_0362runningunderthesprinkler jac_0381runningunderthesprinkler jac_0426runningunderthesprinkler jac_0454runningunderthesprinkler jac_0458runningunderthesprinkler jac_0471runningunderthesprinkler
jac_0477runningunderthesprinkler jac_0485runningunderthesprinkler jac_0558runningunderthesprinkler jac_0565runningunderthesprinkler









jac_0605runningunderthesprinkler jac_9576runningunderthesprinkler


Makes me smile.


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